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Depending on your outlook, a military relocation is either traumatic or a hassle -- no matter how much you may look forward to a new challenge in your career.  There is never enough information. is a giant leap forward in that respect. 

We have assembled information to help you from beginning (compare different Military Towns to decide which set of orders to accept) to end (find a hotel offering a military discount and a kennel willing to keep your pets when you are forced to wait to move into your new house or apartment). 

The best way to use is to keep coming back to it as you work your way through the relocation process. is designed to give relocation information to the transferring military servicemember.  We recommend the following steps to make the best use of this site.

1.  Look at the “Town Page” for the base where you are currently stationed. This will give you a frame of reference to compare other towns to.

2.  When offered different sets of orders to different towns, look at each of those “Towns  Pages” on this site and compare the factors that you think are important (i.e. if your  spouse will be working, then compare the likelihood of finding employment, the unemployment rate, and the average salary information to see which of the orders your service is offering you is the best).

3.  Order a credit report (and if buying a house with a VA guaranteed loan is an option then order your VA Certificate of Eligibility).  Any problems with these can take time to clear up, so get a head start.

4.  Once you accept a set of orders, return to the site to determine more specific information.   For instance:  How long is the wait for base housing?  Will you buy a house or rent an apartment?  Where do you want to live?  What will your housing allowance be?  Which school district do you want your children in?  Do you need to do anything now to take college courses when you get there?

5.  Contact the apartment managers or real estate companies from those that advertise on this site (those that advertise here are clearly trying to get your business).

6.  When it is time to visit your new town on “House Hunting Leave,”  you can book your airline tickets, car rental, and hotel arrangements through  You can also check the Town Page (Hotels) for any special military discounts that hotels in your new town may be offering for military personnel.

7.  When it is time to move, look for what you will need to make it a successful move.  We have truck and trailer rentals, storage units, hotels  (and in some areas, kennels,  if the hotels don’t allow your pets to stay).

You can also help us improve this site in two ways:

1.  Tell our advertisers you found them through  Many businesses are unsure of whether the internet is a good use of their advertising dollars.

2.  E-mail us your suggestions at

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